Comparison of my Engine Guards: Got a set of new design Vintage bars, and another unknown set.  The Vintage set bought on ebay, in original boxes.  Other set bought from Indian of Colorado Springs as they were going out of biz.  They told me this was for a Vintage. I will sell the other set after I am sure I know what they are.  Help is appreciated.  The Vintage part numbers are 62-245 (kit), 62-233 front, 62-242 (front kit--includes washers, screws, etc); 62-234 rt rear, 62-243 rt rear kit; and 62-235 left rear, 62-244 left rear kit.


picture on left is the known Vintage "bow-tie" bars..roughly 1 1/4".  The right measurements are from the "other" set..roughly 1"

Front comparison Vintage "bowtie" on right. Other is straight with no horn cut-out.  Both are similar in size by width and height.

Rear comparison rear from Vintage set on right


Connections: bowtie front connections        other front connections

Rear upper (eyebrow) connection   rear lower connections

Vintage: The vintage connector is on the right in the upper pic, and on the top in the lower connector pic.  The Vintage connects around the rubber bushing on the saddlebag mounts, with the other half of the connector (not pictured). The lower mounts at the footpeg slot.  Can be used with or without footpegs.

"Other": The other connects at the same bolt on the upper,but against the eyebrow.  The lower mounts apparently around the footpegs.  I have aligned this on the bike (but never actually put on), and all mounts seem to line up perfectly. Haven't tried putting the bracket around footpegs tho.


  here is the label from the dealer.  They told me these are for a Vintage chief, and was mislabeled.



Here are ANT's bars, labeled 88-144 PP 100 Chief Highway bars, and come with front and rears in 1 box.  The come with an adapter for the front top connection.






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