Got all the manuals...thank Angry Chromag and Dien for getting the remaining manuals to to your heart's content...if there is something you want posted and it's mostly legal...let me know..

Thanks to The guys at we now have a 99-01 parts manual.  Thanks again guys.  ... if you have access to anything not here,  please let me know 

Also, please make sure you have Acrobat 6.0 or later if you're still having probs.  

Indian Factory Manuals: (in .pdf format) you must have acrobat

Vintage Chief Service Manual  03 Chief Parts Manual 02 Scout/Spirt Parts Manual
PP100 Service Manual 99-01 Chief Service Manual 99-01 IMC Service Manual
03 Chief Service Manual 03 Scout/Spirit Service Manual 99-03 IMC Training Manual  
99-01 Parts Manual 03 Chief Accessory Manual PP100 Design Drawings

Ignition Curves: (you must unzip)----I believe these are for the stock Dual Fire Igniton unlsess noted

Thanks to Loner1, MeanGene, Scottdog, and hs27 and whomever (whoever?) else helped make, acquire and test these curves..Now if Scottdog will share his single fire curves.. (hint) AND FOR ALL THE BITCHERS AND WHINERS......... INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

PP 100

TH Single Fire Stock  Stock PP100 Big Dog--single fire
Ultimate PP100 New SmartLink/ Single Fire (Thunder Heart) v. 2005.0.1.1 Big Dog Mod--single fire

S & S 88

Stock Harley Hunter   
Stock2 Ultimate   

  TH Smartlink software      TH Single Fire Ignition Wiring Diagram      EHC Pinout     Smartlink 1.03 software     Smartlink Addon--add to the 1.01 directory.   Here is a link to a good thread on the forum on the topic   Here is a link to a search on the topic 

You can use 1.03 to modify and 1.01 with the addon to modify the dual fire curve.  Will try to post complete instructions. 


PP100 PAS specs for 04 --.pdf files Thanks to Jeff Alessi for sharing this info

check out his Power Plus Resource Board     and his business site at 


cam shaft 04 intman 04 piston sub 04 rock top 04
cam cover 04 intsub 04 pushrod 04 short block 04
head sub 04 oil pump 04 (old) push tube 04 top end 04
cold test 04 packaging 04 rock base 04 casesub 04
ignition 04      

Thanks to ANT for the Indian Dealer Pricelist--PP100 (.xls--excel spreadsheet)

Here are the .pdf's from my motorcycle repair course...there's 30 lessons total.  (Now for the lawyers): I won't post their proprietary stuff, only the internal combustion info which is common knowledge...hopefully I won't get sued. This is a $650 course, and I am actually learning something so I can keep my scoot rolling.  I suggest taking the course from Thomson Direct.  That way you can get some certification thingy and go be a wrench somewhere.  All of the information from the course is posted here, however, you are not able to take exams and do not have access to the vast resources available from them.

#1 Intro #5 four-stroke engines  #9 Fuel Systems #13 2 stroke Lower End Insp. #17 Electrical Fundamentals #21 Frames, steering and suspension #25 Motorcycle Troubleshooting #29 Your Motorcycle Repair Business
#2 Learning Strategies(Proprietary) #6 two-stroke engines #10 Clutches, trannys and drives #14 4 Stroke Top End Inspection #18 CHARGING AND IGNITION SYSTEMS #22 Brakes, wheels and tires #26 Practice Exercise 7 #30 Prac Ecersise # 8
#3 Motorcycle/atv engines config #7 Practice exercise 2 #11 Practice exercise 3 #15 4 Stroke Lower End Insp. #19 DC CIRCUITS FOR MOTORCYCLES #23 Practice exercise 6 #27 Harley Davidson Maintenance  
#4 Practice exercise 1 #8 Lubrication and cooling #12 2 Stroke Top End Inspection #16 Practice Exercise 4 #20 PRAC EXER 5 MOTORCYCLE REPAIR #24 Motorcycle Maintenance #28 Watercraft and Snowmobiles  

More info on the bikes from NREL that are for sale.  This is from Meldav via ANT.  Ant also noted that the made column alludes to the production sequence. If you notice, there is some logic to this--for instance, take a look at the 04's and the Chief line.  It kinda falls apart when you get to others.   It's an excel file.  There are all years/models/makes, and some concept/limited edition bikes .etc

TSB'S (Technical Service Bulletins)

2002/2003 Chief

Dash Warning Lts (2003 only) Jackshaft Retain Ring Insp Head Bolt Clean/Tighten Rear Wheel Alignment Oil-way Inspection (2002 only)
Caliper Shimming Oil Tank Flush Rocker Arm Endplay Fuel Tank Vent Tube  
Front End Noise Pushrod Compatibility Speedo Compatibility Head Light Damping  

 2002/2003 Spirit and Scout--Rear Wheel Alignment

All Wet Clutch Models--Clutch Cover Screws

1999/2001 Chief--Chief Damper Kit

Misc.--Oil Pump Snap Ring      Clutch Cable Connection


Chief Vintage Engine Guards Part 62-245 2002/2003 Chief Tach (polished pt 56-055) Chrome pt  Boot Guard Set      Part 88-153 Battery Cellmate   Part 85-025
Chrome Choke Knob Part 88-130 Alarm Kit 2002-2003 Chief Part 94-170 Hegwer Glass Lense--Aftermarket Kool Blue Air Filter Cleaning (Vintage paper filter)
Spirit/Scout Tach PP100 Chrome Rocker Boxes PP100 Cam Trigger/Cover Replacement War Bonnet Air Filter
TH Single Fire Ignition Wiring Diagram Thunder Heart EHC Pinout Fender Tips--Midnite Sun Chrome Caliper Cover--PP100 Chief
Spyke Single Fire Wiring Speedo Calibration Panther belt info --Aftermarket TH Single Control lever conversion
Scorpio Alarm --Aftermarket Scorpio Remote Igntition Disable Scorpio Perimeter Sensor Replacement Headlight--Vintage
Emonitor PP100 Race Inspection Chrome nuts and bolts for PP100 Chiefs Updated Oil Pump Install



Paint Codes 02-03 Mikuni Tuning Manual Mikuni Easy Kit Installation  
Paint Codes 99-01 Mikuni Exploded View Mikuni Total Kit Installation  


OEM Supplier List Starter/Ignition Relay Gaskets and Seals PP100 Master Cylinder Rebuild--Brake Stuff Spark Plugs--PP100
Oil Filter X Ref Voes Info Hottopers 02-04 Chief Hottopers Gas Cap Key Blanks


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