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Stay tuned for a HUGE update to the site..new look and everything..it will be cool!!

Most information here is for 1999-2004 Indians, but I am adding sections for 1901-1953 and 2009+ bikes

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6-22-2008 Busy beaver am I....still had time to post a few pics of the 09 prototypes and the IRIP V event.  I'm working on a little write up about the event.  Met more cool peeps from Indian..hung out with some old friends...made some new...got to see more really cool bikes--esp more cool Indians..  I officially gave Indian the thumbs up on the 09's, lol..they graciously accepted my approval.

Indian has been busy too. They've officially announced the locations of the first dealerships

4-17-08 Don't forget about the Indian Rally at Indian Point on May 11-18, 2008.  (IRIP V)..Indian will be there again!.  Plenty of Iron Indians and IRG members, some vintage Iron! A great time to be had.  There will be HD's, Honda's, trikes, customs, you name it--all are welcome!

4-16-08    Chief's Club members got this yesterday.  Also, check out Cyril's post visit write-up here...

4-09-08--Follow this link for pics of the progress at the factory owned dealership

4-09-08--from Cyril Huze's website..some interesting stuff.:

Marilyn Stemp

  1. I had the opportunity to visit the factory and meet with the staff yesterday in Kings Mountain. They plan to produce 750 bikes in the first year, essentially one model, the Chief, accessorized to four versions, base price in the low 30’s. Looking for a 2009 model year to be released in Fall ‘08 but that’s contingent on getting the assembly line running this summer, and that depends on current engine durability testing. They are hopeful but also determined to release bikes only when they’re ready. They’ve read the blogs, know the history, they’re probably reading this!

    The staff is small but very tech heavy, mostly engineers, many with impressive track records in the motorcycle industry. The owners are spending their own money and have one equity investor, no plans to go public. They seem to be spending as necessary, not foolishly, taking a slow growth approach.

    They’ll assemble engines and whole bikes at the factory using components sourced mostly in the US, some from Europe, a bit from China for expediency, the latter to be phased out I’m told.

    Same style frame as the Gilroy Indian but retooled, built using robotic fixturing. The 105 ci Powerplus EFI engine (50 state compliant) has nicosil-plated aluminum cylinders, forged pistons (piston weight reduced to address vibration issues), new crank, more. They’ve re-designed and re-positioned air intake, re-designed electrical system. Trans is a Baker 6, 5.5 gal one-piece gas tank w/integral fuel pump, short and long fenders are offered. Lower CG, seat height may be a bit lower than Gilroy bike, handlebars have been altered in both width and reach dry weight about 740. Concerning looks, the bikes I saw incorporated refinements in styling that result in improvements over the Gilroy bike, a cohesive machine, no parts tacked on as an afterthought.

    They’ve been intentionally circumspect, partly to build interest - we’ve all been wondering what’s going on and talking about them, right? - and partly to keep quiet until they get it right. I’ll look for Cyril’s take later this week.
    More detail provided in my article in IronWorks. Sorry, mike x.


4-07-08...Sorry about the tardiness on updating the site. Been dealing with a family illness and several deaths in my family over the last few months..  Both bikes are running great and all is now well in homerland...Summer approaches and the launch of the next Generation of Indians is near..  The 2009 Chief appears to be coming to shape nicely. The engine platform (PP105) has been fully redesigned and re-engineered, as were many key aspects of the new Chief. This is a NEW bike, with familiar styling and improved performance..what more could you want?

11-20-07...The new Indian website is up!  Click the picture!!!!!

11-16-07...IMI has broken ground on the factory owned dealership/showroom...pics here: pic one; pic 2; pic 3, pic 4; pic 5.  They have also announced the formation of Iconic Brands--their clothing line.  The plan is to have about 50 mono-branded dealers in the coming few years, and maybe more in the next phases.

7-13-07...IMI is seeking dealers...requirements posted here.  I've also posted some concept drawings I got on  this page.  I acquired some neat models, a couple vests, a couple knifes and lighters and some patches and stuff from a guy that used to work at the local dealer.  He told me some interesting stories about the local dealership.  Marge and Wiggy are doing great--been finally able to do some riding.

5-29-07...I installed a new GALLERY where you can upload pics of your bikes or whaterver else...have fun

5-29-07...Returned from IRIP at Branson, MO.  What a great trip.  Many thanks to Mike and Handan for their hospitality.  We met with Stephen Julius, Steve Heese, Karin Moss and Dave ? (Head of product development) while there.   Homer got to spend time and share conversations with each of them and I must say, I was impressed.  They looked, heard, LISTENED, saw and shared some info.  It appears the future of Indian is bright and LONG.  There is work happening in King's Mountain, and we should be seeing the tree baring fruit by the end of '07 or in Q1 '08.  Stay tuned for updates. 

7-2-06....Yeah..I've been busy!!! Katrina who???  All is well in Homer's world..got all of the visible nuts and bolts on Marge and Wiggy changed to chrome but 1!...Chrome pulleys installed on both bikes...Been doing my own wrenching when I can...Installed Mik 45's on both bikes, changed Wiggy's compensator spring cup, changed out some handlebar controls, etc....Found a new shop in Baton Rouge:  Slydog's on Florida Blvd...I think Slydog was the head mechanic at Indian.  It's close to a certain bitch's house that I hate, but that's ok...Found a new friend who has a lot of Indian stuff from the old dealer here for sale..will post what he has soon....

6-7-05.....Wiggy is safely at Joe Malfa's and the work will begin shortly....check out the "my bikes" page to see how much work is going into him....the tins should be back from paint any second now...there's also links to check out the chromer's work, etc...this lil project is turning into a BIG project, with an entirely new bike almost, from frame up!!  He's gonna have a new engine, new intake and carb work, new tins, new metzler 880's from Sporttour (cheap), new rims (next stage), new Malfa exhuast, new chrome nuts and bolts all over, etc...

I may be the only person to have a bike from Frank at Blackhawk and Joe at Jam, Ltd!!!..next I just need one from Posie and my trifecta is complete!

3-9-05.....Marge was down for two days at Daytona...the wrench that installed my alarm kinda shorted some stuff out with the installation!  The guys at Crank and Chrome reallllllly helped me out.  Spent 2 days and about a whole bunch of hours finding out the culprits and getting me back on the road! Many thanks to Barry, Indian Phil and the crew there!  They are new in town, but they have a couple of Indian mechanics there so stop by and see 'em.. Tell 'em I said THANKS!!!  There are some updates on the files page.  Finally getting a digital camera, so will post pics of Marge and Chief Wiggums (before/after).  Also installing emonitors from eguardsystems ....hopefully i'll never be stranded by charging system or oil pressure problems again!!!

12-17-04......I bought an '02 Chief Roadmaster!!!!!  Marge has competition.  Gonna get new skins and go crazy with the paint...need help coming up with a theme.  

Speaking of Marge, turns out the problems with the Vintage (Marge) was simple....took 3 months, 3 ehc's, 3 ignitions, 2 starter relays, etc...to figure out the plug wires were reversed..  It literally came to me in a dream that this mite be the case.  But to get her back to that point, I had to undo all the mechanic's troubleshooting.  To make it worse, he received an ignition module doa and pinned out a 6 pin plug with the power pin in the wrong hole.  I then received an EHC doa after I took the bike to the hotel to work on.  Good thing I had just bought an '02 Chief (did I mention that?) and swapped parts to see what was working.  Took me and my friend about 5 hours total.....was in the shop for almost 3 months (9/22)....happy days.  Read all about it at Last Resort's Forum (titled "Help homer ride Marge" in the PP100 Chief section).  Check out IMC's website for an update from Stellican...sounds good.

10-02-04.  Finally got the bitch back and put back together.  She rides great.  Never got the full story from Bill Belcher, the asshole at warrantech or the shop.  They gave me a break on the labor, but I think whatever happened was due to an employee that is no longer working at the shop and sending invoices with complaints of "engine knocks" which I didn't authorize.  Never had any prior problems, just had it checked while I was changing out the cam and rocker boxes.  Cost me $3200 (had already bought the cam and oil pump).  $260 is due to Frank having to use his lower rocker boxes as Thunderheart didn't send lowers with mine.  After over a year of not being able to ride, I was just happy to see her put back together.  Now having some electrical or carb problem.  Rode in to Big Easy Motorsports and was having carb rejetted (never was done when I went to the warbonnet) and baffle taken out of exhaust and damn bike won't run (see forum for discussion).  Also decided to go with the Scorpion alarm--bikes ain't safe at the hotel in new orleans, and this one pages you if something's up. Still no contact  from  Thunder heart.  Pretty odd from them.  Will post pics once I change the fender tip I broke in the trailer and get her from the shop.

7-28-04 My personal assistant "Courtney" says hi to all of you...

7-24-04...We are no longer orphans.  See Last Resorts forum for more info.  My engine should be coming back next week.  Dealer hasn't mentioned price, so maybe he got the warranty thing straight? ..we'll see.  Hopefully the rest of my mods will be complete and I can get in on this riding season..tho it's hot as hell here in New Orleans (I'm on assignment).  Congrats again to the new owners.

7-19-04...No word on my PP100...Don't know if warrantech will pay yet. Frank has it, so I know it's in good hands..but I may be out a cool $3500 more...go figure

06-05-04...My PP100 is going bye bye for about 10 days to Blackhawk..I get a new top end and bottom end thanks to my extended warranty.  Found some things outta tolerances--talk to Frank at Blackhawk! He has worked with warrantech to establish the guidelines for the rebuild.  Pretty painless, i think it will cost me $50...Most will need work, it appears.  You will be up to '04 specs when you get it back.  As you know most bugs were worked out and the 04 specs should give many happy miles...your engine will be slightly larger than 100ci when you get it back..any complaints?

04-14-04....More instructions posted on the Shared Files Page ...got a new scanner. 

04-13-04....Tax Day is almost here, don't forget!  Ok, no updates on IMC but I did start working on the shared files.  I added the TSB's (stolen from www.Indianmotoryclestuff.com ) and posted the Chief Vintage Installation Instruction--haha didn't have to scan because it was already done by someone else!  Check it out on the Shared Files page.

3-24-04...Rumor and innuendo--enuff said. On the other hand, check out the Shared Files page for more goodies just posted.

3-22-04..... no news...I've been told that there is no deal as of yet (not saying it won't happen)...O.C.C. is still a player...maybe...there is also talk of copying the engine without the Indian name on it...we'll see...there's new files on the shared files page.

3-19-04 ....we're back................i think!!!! check out www.americancycletalk.com/indian for more info..if you hear/see something....share the wealth.  I tried to verify by calling the Umpqua Tribe--no luck. Was told to  try again Monday....stay tuned

I have a red Vintage Chief #185, black bags....Had a few problems, but I still love it.  It's one of 2 we know came to Looosiana..the other was sold to a casino. We think it was won by someone in TX.

I am currently doing some performance mods, including: Blackhawk (Frank is very helpful) head gaskets and oil pump, 561 cam, single fire ignition from Thunderheart (speak to Brooke, she knows her stuff).  Also doing some dressing...can you have too much? Including: primary being chromed, new chrome rocker boxes, cam cover and trigger and foot pegs from Thunderheart, polished tach (found the chrome one too late), Indian branded boot guards from  Boot Dr. Nice glass front fender replacement light form Howard Hegwer, Leather from Chilhowee, stainless cable set, and sooner or later derby/inspection covers from Warpath.  I also have the Indian branded alarm from Armed guard.  Hope these guys don't mind me plugging 'em...

I'll post some pics and crap here sooner or later, but for now, click on the shared files button for my .pdf's. and ignition curves. There are pics of the "'04's" on the coulda, woulda link

Here some cool links and helpful places to visit...

IMC --Congrats Stellican!!

IIRA--cool site. lots of info and good peeps--check out the forums

IRG--"Official" riders group ("factory" sponsored)

TXIndianRiders.com -- another forum site

Check out the IMCPF---that's Last Resort's Public forum.  Great Site, big help to me.."interesting" people, to say the least :)